10 Design Principles to Create Impactful Presentations

10 Design Principles to Create Impactful Presentations

 10 Design Principles to Create Impactful Presentations

While creating presentations is part of the daily business for many, most are struggling to design slides that rivet the audience and help them reach their goals. In this class, you will learn the most crucial design principles to build slides that help you reach your goals and nail your next presentation

Key lessons in this course:

    1. How to create professional and consistent designs
    1. How to find matching colors
    1. How to work with images
    1. How to use white space to your advantage
    1. How to avoid rookie mistakes
    1. Advanced Google Slide Features

Who can benefit from this class?

This class is for everyone seeking to improve his or her presentations. Some basic knowledge of presentation builders such as Google Slides or Powerpoint comes as an advantage – for example, how to change font sizes or insert an image – but eventually, even total beginners should be able to follow along.

What can you expect of the class?

I start the class with a fair bit of talking but bear with me. As soon as we dive into the nitty-gritty, we jump into presentations, and you can see on screen how I match colors, align elements, work with animations, and much more.

What is not covered in this class? 

This class is about design principles, therefore it does neither cover the content side of presentations nor the holding the presentation part. I might create classes on this at a later point though.

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