100 Day Challenge – Become a Pro at Creative Zen Doodle & Zentangle Inspired Art!

100 Day Challenge – Become a Pro at Creative Zen Doodle & Zentangle Inspired Art!

 100 Day Challenge – Become a Pro at Creative Zen Doodle & Zentangle Inspired Art!
Drawing repeat patterns that put you in a zen state of mind is one of the most addictive activities in the world! It gives you an immense amount of happiness to put strokes on a blank paper and then see a marvelous result in the end!

There are a lot of techniques and effects that you can create with just simple pens and basic paper. However, I know that it might be a little overwhelming for someone who is just starting out. So I decided to come up with this challenge where I can help you to overcome your fears and enjoy the process of making Zen Doodles and Zentangle Inspired Art.

With practice, anyone can be perfect! And if you do this for 100 days straight, you’ll definitely start looking at everything around you with a fresh perspective! You’ll literally start seeing doodle patterns and design inspiration every day… and I promise you that it will become a lifetime hobby that you won’t regret!

In this class, we will be exploring a lot of topics, ranging from tangles from the original Zentangle method to taking inspiration from everyday objects and turning them into patterns. We will also be discussing how to create balance, contrast, and harmony in your designs. And finally, we will also explore ideas and a lot of details on how to bring variations in your designs.

Remember that the class is best enjoyed when you work at your own pace. So you can take as many breaks as you want and you can always come back to the point where you left off. Whether you choose to do this for 100 days continuously or with breaks, the class will always be here for you! 🙂

And the best part? The class is perfectly suited for beginners and experts alike to get a creative boost on a daily basis. You will especially find this class fun if you have a full-time job and are looking for a creative outlet for a few minutes every day… or if you have a creative block and need some time off to indulge in newer techniques! This is one of the most relaxing art forms ever and it’s perfect to develop a self-care and mindfulness habit or ritual for yourself.