50 Clean Corporate Lightroom Presets Free Download

50 Clean Corporate Lightroom Presets Free Download

Timeless in sophistication and modern in style. Achieve popular looks used in corporate and business photos with these 50 Lightroom presets and LUTs. The skin tone protection algorithm saves you time and gives your photos professional results. And with true Lightroom mobile support, you can edit anywhere on your phone or tablet.


The Bundle


10 Ambition Presets – Clean contrasty looks with subtle color shifts toward orange and blue.

10 Authentic Presets – Bright multipurpose looks with authentic filmic tones.

10 Enrich Presets – Dark foliage and warm tones give your photos a trustworthy corporate look.

10 Inspire Presets – Soft pastel color shifts toward pink and teal.

10 Transform Presets – The nostalgic vibe works great for photos of company events.




✔️ Full Lightroom Mobile Support

✔️ Opacity/Amount Setting

✔️ Fast-Rendering Profiles

✔️ Skin Tone Protection (Color Science by VOXCOLOR)