90 Day Filmmaker Course Download

90 Day Filmmaker Course Download

Why Is That?

Because most filmmakers don’t have a plan or a path to take in order to become successful.

They spend most of the time trying different paths and making mistake after mistake trying to find success. Ultimately, they end up having to go back to a 9-5 job because their bills start pouring in. We have searched the internet for years looking for any answers to these questions, and our conclusion is…

The 12 Week Road Map

Week 1 – Foundations

Building The Foundation For Your Business

Successful Mindset

: How to Think Like a Filmmaker Equipment

: What you need to succeed Logo

: Creating Your Logo and Name Foundation

: Everything you need for success

Week 2 – First Clients

How to Get Your First Clients and Your Website

First Clients

: How to Get Your First Clients Reviews & Referrals

: Getting More Clients Website

: Building Your First Website Business Cards

: Designing Business Cards

Week 3 – Building

Creating Your Demo Reel and Social Media

Demo Reel:

 Creating Your Highlight Reel Social Media

: Your Social Media Timeline Building

: Shooting Footage for your Demo Reel Posting

: Posting BTS to attract more clients

Week 4 – Weddings

Learning and Booking Beautiful Weddings

  • Learn: Go Through Our In-depth Wedding Course
  • Watch: Watch us Film a Wedding From Start to Finish
  • Advertise: Promote as a Wedding Filmmaker
  • Book: How to Book Your First Weddings

Week 5 – Real Estate

Learning and Booking Luxury Real Estate

  • Learn: Go Through Our In-depth Real Estate Course
  • Watch: Follow Us as We Film Real Estate
  • Advertise: Promote as a Real Estate Filmmaker
  • Book: How to Book Your First Real Estate Shoots

Week 6 – Local Business

Learning and Booking Local Businesses

  • Learn: Learn To Create Promos and Commercials
  • Study: Study Every Business You Go After
  • Pitch: Learn How to Pitch To Potential Clients
  • Book: How to Book Your First Local Businesses

Week 7 – Website

Formatting and Building Your Final Website

  • Download: Copy and Paste Our Website Formatting
  • Upload: Put all of Your Content On The Website
  • Pages: Create Individual Pages for Certain Industries
  • Calls: How to Setup Book Calls With Clients

Week 8 – Cold Emails

Formatting and Sending Cold Emails

  • Learn: How to Format Emails to Specific Industries
  • Interviews: Learn Directly from The Client
  • Study: How to See the Need a Client Has
  • Format: How to Format The Perfect Email

Week 9 – Booking Part 1

Booking Weddings and Real Estate

  • Search: Where to Look for a Bride or Agent in Need
  • Contact: How to Contact Specific Brides and Agents
  • Pitch: How to Sell the Client on Your Service
  • Book: Booking Weddings and Real Estate Videos

Week 10 – Booking Part 2

Booking Local Business and Churches

  • Search: Where to Look for Businesses and Churches
  • Contact: How to Contact Owners and Pastors
  • Pitch: How to Sell the Client on Your Service
  • Book: Booking Businesses and Churches

Week 11 – High Paying

How to Find and Book High Paying Clients

  • Search: Where to Look for High Paying Clients
  • Passion Projects: Creating Projects to Get Hired
  • Pitch Videos: Pitching The Company on Your Service
  • Book: Booking $5,000+ Clients

Week 12 – Growth

Grow Your Business to Make $5,000+ a Month

  • Rates: Calculating New Rates
  • Interviews: Learn From Filmmakers and Their Paths
  • Taxes: Setting Up Your Taxes Properly
  • Grow: Land More Clients and Grow Your Business



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