Adobe Speech to Text v12.0 for Premiere Pro 2024 WIN Free Download

Adobe Speech to Text v12.0 for Premiere Pro 2024 WIN Free Download

With the Adobe Speech to Text add -in in Premiere Pro, you can automatically generate transcripts of your video dialogue and add captions to your video to increase accessibility and viewer engagement.
As your video editing nears completion, use Adobe Speech to Text to create a transcription of your footage. Add speech-paced captions to your timeline using the machine learning capabilities of Adobe Sensei. Stylize video captions and adjust their position using the editing tools in the Essential Graphics panel.

Benefits of Adobe Speech to Text :

– Captions for all videos
Captions increase the accessibility of videos across platforms and increase viewer engagement, but their workflows were complex and time consuming. With speech-to-text translation, Premiere Pro is making video captions the new standard.

– Automated. Integrated. And completely creative.
Speech-to-text translation automates transcription and subtitles while giving you full creative control over the results, including the full design power of the Essential Graphics panel.

– Impressive accuracy in 13 languages
​​Speech-to-text translation is available to users worldwide, delivering accurate results and more opportunities to reach audiences wherever they are.

– Built into Premiere Pro
Speech-to-text translation is included for free with your subscription, making it easy and efficient to add value to your video.