Aescripts Bang 1.0.3a for After Effects Free Download

Aescripts Bang 1.0.3a for After Effects Free Download

 Aescripts Bang 1.0.3a for After Effects

Bang is a modular, fully procedural 3D muzzle flash plugin for After Effects

Bang is an After Effects plugin that lets you easily add realistic and stylised muzzle flashes directly to your footatge. Its 3D particle system renders unique flashes viewable from any angle, taking into account After Effects’ comp cameras. Bang is a modular plugin allowing up to four different flash types and sixteen flash instances per layer, and includes the Bang Relighter module for simulating illumination of your actors and surroundings.

Create any flash shape with the Flash Shape Profile Editor; move points around, add new ones, or delete points to set your base shape, then play with the energy and randomness properties to fine tune the overall look. You can also add petals to simulate the star shaped flashes common on assualt rifles and machine guns, and sparks too!

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