Alexander Veremeev – Photo Processing. Advanced Level

Alexander Veremeev – Photo Processing. Advanced Level

Alexander Veremeev – Photo Processing. Advanced Level main goal of this course is to teach you how to make interesting and stylish photographs that will set you apart from other modern photographers, and thanks to which customers will notice you! In just 5 lessons, you will learn how to professionally process photos, which will increase the cost of your work!


Lesson 1
Adobe Photoshop Optimization of the interface and tools in Adobe Photoshop;
Retouching trends;
Highlights to pay attention to. How to understand what to clean when retouching and what to leave;
Retouching the skin by frequency decomposition;
How not to lose the texture of the skin and make a natural retouch;
Saving image for social. networks and printing

Lesson 2
Retouching eyes, hair, clothes, etc .;
Draw volume using Dodge & Burn;
Imitation of skin texture in different ways;
Creating Actions to Speed ​​Up Processing

Lesson 3
Body correction;
Retouched male portrait;
Adding sharpening photos;
Alignment of exposure and tonality of the skin

Lesson 4
Theory and analysis of color;
Color Correction. Where to look for inspiration and earn watch;
Color correction in Adobe Camera RAW and standard tools;
Creating and working with presets in ACR;
Color correction in different color profiles

Lesson 5
Color correction using masks;
Work with plugins;
Work with noise;
Overlay texture on the photo;
Life hacks that will fix even the most difficult moments in the photo.

Video info
Title: Photo Processing. Advanced level
Author: Alexander Veremeev
Release Year: 2019
Genre: Video course
Russian Language
Duration: 07:20:08

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