Alexander Zamorin – Studio Portrait 1-3

Alexander Zamorin – Studio Portrait 1-3

Alexander Zamorin – Studio Portrait 1-3
Three levels of mastery of the Studio Portrait course is the full path from the first shot to a professional result for which people will gladly pay you good money.

Step – 1 Beginner Level
Lesson 1. Introductory material.
The difference between studio shooting and the rest of the photo
How to start to see a light drawing
Acquaintance with studio equipment
How the light is set and the light in the studio is synchronized
With which lens and camera do you have a chance of success

Lesson 2. The classic scheme of setting the light
What is the difference between light schemes and what they are
We make the first portrait in 15 minutes
We correct 3 standard (invisible at first glance) errors
We make a portrait of professional quality

Lesson 3. We create a soft black-and-white drawing for female portraits
What is the peculiarity of female portraits
The ideal scheme for building light in a female portrait
Features of light correction when changing angles

Lesson 4. We create a hard black-and-white drawing for male portraits
Why are male portraits removed completely differently
Three Golden Rules You Should Know About a Man’s Portrait
With what two light schemes can you get the most spectacular portrait of a man

Lesson 5. Dramatic low-key portraits
A universal scheme that allows you to create a stylish and strict portrait in a low key
Experiments and unexpected images using the low key technique

Lesson 6. Delicate high-key portraits
Why 95% of shots in high key look “cheap”, and 5% are very effective
High-end professional approach
Features of preparing the model for shooting
Features of working with background and light

Lesson 7. We shoot in the style of beauty & fashion
What is the secret of simplicity and complexity of beauty & fashion portraits
Preparation of the model, what is retouched and what is not
Three professional lighting setups
Work with reflectors, sharp and soft drawing
Universal angles and plans for beauty portraits

Lesson 8. Compositional subtleties of a beautiful portrait in the studio
Why it will be better if you do not follow the standard rules
In what places can and cannot a portrait be cropped
The location of the model in the frame
Work with eyes, shoulders and tilting the head
Composition in full-length and sedentary portraits
Ten mistakes in posing
Completion of the first stage and conclusions

Stage – 2 Advanced level
Lesson 1. Creating a unique studio image
Where to get ideas for creating interesting and beautiful images
How to determine if an image is suitable for a particular person
Selection of scenery, clothes, makeup
The best techniques of the Creative 2.0 system

Lesson 2. Psychological contact with the model, the basics of posing
The easiest way to win over a person
How, working with non-professional models to get beautiful forms in posing
How to get the necessary emotions in the picture, and at what point to press the button

Lesson 3. Advanced compositional tricks to create strong and catchy photos.
What is the difference between strong shots and weak
Work with shapes and silhouette
The importance of detail and compositional center in a portrait
How to make the viewer believe in the image you created

Lesson 4. Color scheme in a portrait
How to create a harmonious composition of color
Expression of emotions in color.
How to emphasize the idea with the right color selection in makeup, clothing and accessories
What colors can never be combined with each other
How to use color to control the feelings of the viewer

Lesson 5. Special effects with light
Using color and conversion filters
Mixed Light Shooting
Capture unusual photos with a single light source.
Creating a beautiful “scene” effect
Take spectacular photos in backlight
Play with shadows
Two-dimensional photography
Create magical photos using smoke cuts

Lesson 6. Creative portrait
What does the concept of “photography for the viewer” mean?
Current trends, how not to be “banal and tasteless”
Non-standard approaches to creating a studio image

Lesson 7. Psychological portrait
The difference between this genre of portrait photography from others
Simple schemes for building light
Establishing the right mood

Lesson 8. Transforming a person without Photoshop – high mastery of photography.
Five types of models you should know about
Finding the best shots for a particular person
A few rules about makeup
Why accessories distract attention
How to take pictures of fat people
What clothes are better not to use on set
Poses that do not suit everyone
Search for expressive images for a person

Stage – 3 Professional level
Lesson 1. First earnings on a studio portrait
How does the commercial direction of studio portrait work?
An easy way to earn money in this genre without having your own studio
Where to find a large stream of people wishing to take pictures with you

Lesson 2. Building your own team
Collaboration with a make-up artist and hairdresser – we minimize costs and increase profits
Where to find good professionals to join your team if you don’t have any fame yet

Lesson 3. Portfolio shooting for models

Lesson 4. Custom photo shoots (family, children, paired, single)

Lesson 5. Selling pictures in the photobank is a constant source of passive profit.

Lesson 6. Work with clients
Co-creating a studio image with a client
What three questions do you need to ask the client in advance in order to then work with him as simply as possible?

Lesson 7. Legal subtleties of working with models and customers

Lesson 8. Ready-made business plan for opening a photo studio in your city

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