Amina Donskaya – Fine Art Tutorial

Amina Donskaya – Fine Art Tutorial

Amina Donskaya – Fine Art Tutorial

Curso “Retratos FineArt”

The method of learning is 100% of the author, the participants will receive knowledge about pre-production, production and post-production of fine art photography. They will learn how to create an artistic photographic project from the beginning, how to handle natural light, how to edit photos in Photoshop and other programs.

Who is this course for?

. You want to start making artistic and unique photos
. You still do not know where to start and you always postpone your projects for later
. You have been in photography for years but you feel that you lack a plus.
. You want to learn how to work with natural light in any environment
. You want to learn editing and retouching

The Course Program:
Art, Photography and Ideas


Model Direction, Lens Usage, Composition

Production, Shots and Work with Natural Light

Revelation in Camera Raw

Contrast and Depth

Colors and Color Grading (4 parts)

Retouching (2 parts)

Different Effects, Lab

This course is in Spanish Language.