ANATOMY References For Artists

ANATOMY References For Artists

 I’m building a complete collection of anatomy reference images for artists! The pack will contain every bone and muscle of the human anatomy in layered PSDs for easy study. You’re also allowed to print the images for personal use ONLY.

Update – 12/12/19 – Just added the torso! This was a monster to render out so thanks for your patience so far! I’m happy with the result and now that the busiest and most complicated part of the anatomy is done, the rest should go much quicker.

⏫ This is a product-in-progress so the price will increase with each new update, now at $6, and an eventual final price of ~$20 once the pack is completed. As usual, early supporters always get the sweetest deal 🙂

In this pack so far

  • Shoulder Girdle (front/back)
  • Torso (front)
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