Archipelago – Legend & Lore Presets Free Download

Archipelago – Legend & Lore Presets Free Download

Stories passed down for centuries, details lost to the sands of time, becoming myths, legends, and lore…

Transport yourself to a realm where bewitching mood and earthy tones intertwine, evoking visual narratives that endure through the ages. Legend & Lore Presets enchant your photographs with a touch of mystique, a hint of nostalgia, and a dose of romance with 6 color presets and tools to unleash the power of your imagination.


6 color presets with included mask layers. Steeped in the earthy tones of fawn and sable browns, summoning ancient legends and fables from the pages of books and the far reaches of memory. Whatever genre you photograph, there is a preset waiting to tell the tale of your images.


Tools that help transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary tales, where shadows sneak in at the edges of your vision, forgotten folded papers find their way into your hands, and daydreams dance in the distance.