Architecture Post Production In Photoshop Zero To Advanced

Architecture Post Production In Photoshop Zero To Advanced
Post production (Post Processing) for architectural 3D Rendering in Adobe Photoshop from beginners to Advanced.

In this course, you will learn from very beginner to advanced how to post-production your 3D render shots in Adobe Photoshop.

Basically, you will learn 3 modes:

  1. You have your final render and just need some adjustments such as color, lighting, camera, and minor fixing like the color burn.
  2. You rendered your main subject and elements, but need to add extra elements, adjusting and matching the final result.
  3. You just rendered basic geometry raw and want to make the total scene elements and environment such as sky, plants, people, atmosphere, other buildings, vehicles, etc.

In this course, you will learn all, step by step with full descriptions, mention shortcuts, why and how to use tools like professional, and many tips and tricks.

Not only by passing this course you will improve your skills but also your working speed and workflow will be upgraded and you will get enough confidence to do all professional tasks in less time with better results.

In this course, I teach you all actions with non-destructive workflow editing which make you able re-adjust and make different versions of the same project easily.