Artisan Pro X Panel for Adobe Photoshop v1.1 Free Download

Artisan Pro X Panel for Adobe Photoshop v1.1 Free Download

Artisan Pro X Panel for Adobe Photoshop v1.1

The future of B&W photo editing software is not just in providing tools, but more importantly, in providing a proven and dedicated workflow method, based on experience, and expertise, that every serious B&W artist can benefit from. We’ve automated all those elements in B&W Artisan Pro X. With dedication and without limitations. – Joel Tjintjelaar

Intuitive B&W Editing Panel
An intuitive B&W editing panel, developed by award-winning photographer and educator Joel Tjintjelaar.

Advanced B&W Processing Without technical knowledge
No need to acquire technical knowledge and years of practice in PS. This panel unlocks Joel’s advanced B&W techniques, from his iSGM method, with the single click of a button, sometimes triggering over 100 steps in PS. The artist retains full artistic control as the presets don’t have an ‘artistic effect’, but only cover the technical part of adjustments.

Create Depth & Special Effects *NEW*
Easily add 3D depth and presence to buildings, skies, seascapes or any other object using the built-in dynamic gradients. Or add reflections or streaks of clouds to your images using the Special FX menu. With 200 new built-in functions, and with the highly customizable Special FX, anything is possible.

Powerful Local Adjustment features
24 presets – Precise and fast local lightening/darkening, using automatic variable feathering (NEW with X), are enabled by quick, free-form selections with a lasso tool, and then clicking darken/lighten for subtle and seamless adjustments

Advanced Micro Zone Local Adjustments
154 presets – For advanced local contrast/texture adjustments, the Micro-Zone adjustments only affect the tones in the range you’ve selected within the target area using 16 bits advanced custom-built asymmetrical masks and dynamic feathering.

Mask Optimization Feature
The panel has an automatic mask optimization feature that will reduce fringing and halos substantially.

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