Artstation – Stylized Plaster Wall Tutorial – VOL 04 Free Download

Artstation – Stylized Plaster Wall Tutorial – VOL 04 Free Download

How to make Stylized wall in Substance Designer

In the continuation of the designer training series, we will take a new style in this series and learn how to make a stylized wall with two different wooden structures in the designer. In these process videos, you see all steps in the designer that we take to reach the result.


Chapter 01- First Step: In this chapter, we are going to create a different surface for blending. First, we are going to create bricks and modify that to reach what we want, and after that, we are creating a plaster cover for the wall, after blending these two we are going to make and add a wooden structure to the wall.

Chapter 02- Second Step: The next step is creating the color data and roughness for this material. For this tutorial, we are using the gradient map and sampling colors from different images and blending them to get what we want. And for roughness data, we are using a simple and effective way.

Software Used:

Substance Designer



Prerequisite Basic knowledge of Substance Designer

ArtstationStylizedPlasterWallTutorialVOL04.part1.rar – 135.0 MB
ArtstationStylizedPlasterWallTutorialVOL04.part2.rar – 104.7 MB