Autodesk 3ds Max Bundle 1 Oct 2023 Free Download

Autodesk 3ds Max Bundle 1 Oct 2023 Free Download



Mirza Link Manager v2.5.8
3d-kstudio Project Manager 3.23.45 for 3dsMax
MaxFlow v1.1.0

Mirza Link Manager

Seamlessly import and update from BIM packages into 3dsMax (using standard export file formats)

Mirza is probably the best file importer for 3dsMax in the world, saving us hundreds of work hours every year. – Tudor Vasiliu, Panoptikon
INFO: Now linking nodes in Corona and Fstorm scatterers too, and improved Forest pack and Rail Clone

Models coming from your CAD/BIM program (Archicad, Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, Autocad) will be imported, cleaned and recombined into one mesh per material.
Upon next import (update) all materials, modifiers and changes on properties applied in 3dsMax will be subsequently reapplied on the new meshes.
This way you’ll easily keep an up to date 3dsMax model of your project under it’s development.
NB:Forest Pack object’s distribution surfaces are also updated to the new corresponding meshes.


Drag’n drop the .mzp file onto the 3dsMax viewport.
Access it through the menu Tools/Mirza Tools, or make a button in a toolbar.

3d-kstudio Project Manager 3.23.45 for 3dsMax

Managing assets can often be the most time-consuming aspect of any 3ds Max project. And so can be the processes of accessing, using and creating scenes along with Materials, Textures, IES lights, Proxies, Animations, etc.
To streamline these tasks and help focus on the creative side of the process, KStudio has created a unique plugin called Project Manager.
3DS Max Project Manager from KStudio makes keeping track of your projects much easier.
With just a few clicks, you can instantly access, preview and utilize any 3D Assets in 3ds Max. With Project Manager, laborious and repetitive tasks that often take days to complete will now require a small fraction of the usual time.
Its groundbreaking interface and drag-and-drop features make Project Manager uniquely quick, easy and intuitive to use.

Project Manager offers many indispensable features. You can use it to quickly and easily organize your 3D files via its Catalogs system, to merge 3d Models, to assign Materials, Textures and other Assets.
The plugin also allows customizing file data and syncing organized data, which may be particularly useful for large teams managing complex projects.

Cataloging and Assets Organizing
Project Manager has two main tabs: Explorer, which allows managing models, materials and other assets, and Asset Files, which helps managing links used in the current scene.
The Explorer tab is divided into four separate tabs. In these tabs, users can organize and structure the following asset categories: 3D Models, Materials, Textures and IES Photometric files.
This unrivalled feature provides users with instant access to external files directly from 3ds Max. To help organize numerous external folder directories in Project Manager, you can create virtual Catalogs and add there directories from your hard drive.
Catalogs are designed to help structure and provide easy access to long lists of external folders. Catalogs are virtual in nature, hence do not affect or duplicate the original folders on your hard drive.

MaxFlow v1.1.0

Node-based Scene Data Management
for archviz
Effortlessly control scene states using a node-based system, freely combine settings, and achieve one-click scene state switching

MaxFlow is a powerful efficiency tool designed for visualization professionals. It extends the capabilities of 3DMax software and supports rendering engines like Vray and Corona. It’s suitable for a variety of application scenarios, including indoor, outdoor, and product visualization


1. Copy all dlls to “3dmaxrootfolder\bin\assemblies\”

2. Reload 3ds Max

3. Create a new hotkey from category “TRViz\MaxFlow”

Version Requirement: 3dsmax 2022-3dsmax 2024