Autodesk 3ds Max Plugin Bundle Free Download

Autodesk 3ds Max Plugin Bundle Free Download


Vertex Tangent v1.1 for 3DS Max
Smart Merge v1.99 for 3DS Max
Octopus 2.13 + Axis 1.0 for 3DS Max 2018-2023

Vertex Tangent
3dsMax Script for Easy Controlling The Vertices Tangents of Shapes .

The Script has Auto Detect Function to Get Selected Vertices , and you can use Get Button anytime to Get Selected Vertices .
There is ON button for Activating Undo (if not Activated no Undo will be Recorded) Because changing Tangents Position has no Undo in 3dsMax ! .
Spinners have no Undo , But you can use (Value 0) to restore old Positions .
Axis Buttons Determine Moving Axis not Projection Axis .


Fix Transform Matrix Error When Undo Active .

Add 2 Buttons to Select In and Out Vertices Separately so their In/Out Tangents can move Together .

Smart Merge
A tool for quick import/merge of 3dsmax files, or downloaded archives from 3D Stocks or Asset Libraries site. You can quickly batch load these files into the current scene by simply drag and drop, and then selecting the max files to merge from the list. This convenient script will save you a lot of time, especially when you have to merge many files into your project.

Octopus offers you a vast amount of features! Since it’s not just a pie menu, but also a scriptable framework, you have a large number of possibilities to create your own menus and distribute them easily. The entire OCTOPUS system can be customized using maxscript and you can set up the behavior for your needs.