Become a Professional Real Estate Photographer under 2 Hours

Become a Professional Real Estate Photographer under 2 Hours

Become a Professional Real Estate Photographer under 2 Hours
Real Estate Photographer, Photography, Editing, Lightroom, Photoshop, Drone Images

This is the ultimate guide on how to become a Professional Real Estate Photographer!

I studied Digital Photography and Digital Filmmaking in college for 2 years, and in this course, I will share with you everything I learned during those 2 years, in just under 2 hours!

I am a full-time real estate photographer and videographer based in Spokane, Washington, USA.

In this course I explain everything you will need to know to become a real estate photographer including:


Camera Equipment – APS-C Cameras VS Full Frame Camera Body, Wide Angle Lens, Tripod, Camera Flash, Drone.

Camera Settings – Image Format, JPEG VS RAW, Focus Mode, Picture Profile, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance.

Shooting Interiors – How to use Bracket Mode, Tripod height, 4 Corner Technique.

Shooting Exteriors – 4 Corner Technique for shooting backyards, wide and closer shots for front of home.

Drone Images – How to capture drone images. Altitude, angles, and perspective.

Shooting Twilights – Bracket mode technique with camera, and bracket mode on drone.

Editing Exteriors – Make your images come to life. Color correct, color grade, lens correction, sky replacement.

Editing Interiors – HDR merging images, adjusting interior images in Lightroom. Color adjustments.

Exporting Images – Rename images in Lightroom, and export to send to the client.

Editing Drone Images – Editing vacant land shots, add property lines in Photoshop. Editing images of residential homes.

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