Blendermarket – Bundle 1 Jan 2022 Free Download

Blendermarket – Bundle 1 Jan 2022 Free Download

Exoside Quad Remesher v1.1, v1.2

Quad Remesher — an auto-retopologizer from the developer of ZBrush ZRemesher — is available for Blender

Quad Remesher is not an ordinary remesher that projects faces onto a surface, but a cutting-edge auto-retopologizer with smart placement of edge loops and singularities, resulting in a mesh that is suitable for smooth subdivision without artifacts, proper UV mapping, easy rigging, and forms an optimal quad-poly base mesh for Multiresolution sculpting.

Scatter 5 – Blender add-on

There is an incredible amount of features packed in this plugin, listing them all in a single page would be quite difficult, so we decided to show you a glimpse of what Scatter5 is capable of here below.

Effortless Scattering Ever
Select any objects you’d like, choose your distribution preset, then just click on “Scatter”. Who told you that Scattering was difficult? This operator also supports the new asset browser!

3 Points Align Blender Addon

3 Points Align – align & snap target to source
You can easily align and snap one object to another by drawing the lines from the target mesh to the source.
Key Features:
Ability to recalculate rotation to fit the aligned object.
Works even with applied transforms of source and target meshes.
Diameter auto finding on the cylindrical objects.
Ability to match the scale of the source and the target meshes.
Works with modifiers stack.
Interactive interface, minimum amount of actions.