BMTee’s Cinema 4D Car Model Pack Free Download

BMTee’s Cinema 4D Car Model Pack Free Download

BMTee’s Car Model Pack for Cinema 4D
c4d | 3D models | 1.98 GB

The pack contains 98 fully textured and 22 geometry-only high poly vehicle models. (mostly cars and a few motorcycles.) It also contains 11 photorealistic models that can be rendered using VRay and one ready-to-render file (Model+Stage+Lighting+Render settings) (The VRay files can also be rendered using the build in render engine. Just look at the file name. One says vray the other one does not.) All files are .c4d but in a few cases there are additional .obj files. (The VRay files can also be rendered using the build in render engine.)

Full Model List:

’29 Ford Pickup
’30 Bentley
’30 Packard
’36 Harley
’40 Ford Pickup
’48 Indian Chief 348
’54 Chevy Corvette
’55 Chevy Bel Air
’57 Chevy Corvette
1912 Henderson Model A
1924 Ace
Alfa Romeo 2300
Aston Martin
Audi A6
Audi A8 (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Audi S5
Audi Q7
Audi Avus
Bentley Continetal Supersports (High Poly – Photorealistic)
BMW 502
BMW 850i
BMW 1100
BMW 6 (High Poly)
BMW Isetta 250
BMW K100
Bugatti EB 110
Bugatti Type 59
Buick Century
Chevy Corvette ZR-1
Citroen 2CV
Citroen B14
Citroen DS 19
Citroen LE Type H
Citroen XM
Delage D.8 SS
Ducati 916
Ferrari 250
Ferrari 458 Italia (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Ferrari 348T
Ferrari F-40
Ferrari F-50
Fiat 500
Fiat Mefistofele
Ford A
Ford GT 40
Ford GT 90
Ford Mustang
Ford T-12
Freccia Celeste
Good Year Tire
HD Fatboy
HD Heritage Softail
Honda VFR 750R RC30
Jaguar XJ 220
Lamborghini Gallorado (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Land Rover Range Rover (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Lamborghini Diablo
Lancia Aurelia B24
London Bus AEC
Mercedes 300 SL
Mercedes 540K
Mercedes ML 500 (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Mercedes SLS AMG (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Mercedes L3000
Mercedes SS Roadster
Messerschmitt KR 200
Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper S (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Mini Cooper (incl. stage and lighting)
Mjoelnir 125
Moto Guzzi
Nissan Skyline GTR
Opel Blitz
Porsche Boxter
Porsche Panmera (High Poly – Photorealistic)
Road Commander
Suzuki Katana
Trabant 601
Vincent Black Shadow
Vintage Motorcycle
VW Beetle
VW Bus
VW Golf
VW Karmann Ghia
VW Kübelwagen
Yamaha FZR 750 R
Zis 5

NO TEXTURE: (Geometry only)
Bugatti Veyron SS
Ferrari 599
Ferrari 599 GTO
Ferrari F458
Honda Civic TypeR
Honda Civic VTI
Jaguar 33 XKR
Jaguar XJ220
Jaguar XKRS
Koenigsegg Agera
Koenigsegg CC8
Koenigsegg CCGT
Nissan GTR
Noble M600
Pagani Zonda
Pagani Huayra
Retro Tricycle
Saleen S7
SSC Ultimate Aero

GFX_Muawia-21-BMTC4DCMP-C4D.290819.part1.rar – 500.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-21-BMTC4DCMP-C4D.290819.part2.rar – 500.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-21-BMTC4DCMP-C4D.290819.part3.rar – 500.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-21-BMTC4DCMP-C4D.290819.part4.rar – 500.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-21-BMTC4DCMP-C4D.290819.part5.rar – 33.1 MB
GFX_Muawia-TPLTrTxPC4D-LIB4D.290819.part1.rar – 300.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-TPLTrTxPC4D-LIB4D.290819.part1.rar – 300.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-TPLTrTxPC4D-LIB4D.290819.part2.rar – 269.0 MB
GFX_Muawia-TPLTrTxPC4D-LIB4D.290819.part2.rar – 269.0 MB