Celluloïd Skintone LUTs Pack Free Download

Celluloïd Skintone LUTs Pack Free Download

Professional Skin Tones LUTs by CELLULOID

Developed by Remy De Vlieger, French colorist, alongside his post production team! Celluloid LUTs are beautiful cinematic LUTs for filmmakers that are quite diverse, allowing the creator to use them in more ways than imaginable. We are happy to introduce Celluloïd SKINTONE Package!

An ultimate package of 10 LUTs and 4 DaVinci Resolve presets design to get amazing skintone and skin textures on your color grades.

High-quality 33x33x33 .cube files for LOG to REC709 colorspace, especially design for ARRI LOG-C, RED IPP2 and any others LOG cameras.


SKINTONE_01 is our every day 3DLUT for beauty and good skintone rendering. It’s perfect to get a film/neutral look.

SKINTONE_01 3DLUT is very details conservative and give you natural and rich color palette.

SKINTONE_02 is a film like vintage inspired look. It gives a nice cool/green highlight. It was designed to keep natural warm skin tones and a nice highlight feeling. It can be used at 100% or on a 60% opacity layer for a more neutral look.

SKINTONE_03 is perfect to get a Fujifilm look without losing realistic highlight and natural skin tone rendering. It’s really details conservative and give you a nice color palette, with slightly warm midtones and blue shadows.

SKINTONE_04 gives a very soft contrast look with an amazing dynamic range. It has soft highlight but it gives nice skintone richness. SKINTONE_04 is close to a cineon scan and you can mix this 3DLUT in addition with a more classic one.

SKINTONE_05 is our most contrasty 3DLUT. It’s perfect to get a film look without losing realistic skin tone rendering.

SKINTONE_09 3DLUT gives you a well controlled saturation feeling with crispy details on skintones.

Software Compatibility

Cube LUTs are compatible in a number of photo and video editing software programs on the market including:

  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Adobe Premiere Pro & CC
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 & CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro