CGcircuit Discovering Houdini Vellum 2 and 3 Free Download

CGcircuit Discovering Houdini Vellum 2 and 3 Free Download

Vellum 2

Hello everyone! my name is Arsen Margaryan, and I am glad to present to you the second part of my tutorial dedicated to Houdini Vellum, which is a logical continuation of the first part, so I strongly recommend watching it only after viewing the first volume.

Well, now I want to briefly describe the content of this lesson.
So, throughout this tutorial, we will take a detailed look at the vellum hair constraint, attach to geometry, stitch points, glue, weld, and finally the shape match constraint.
Since the base of this tutorial is the official documentation, we will study all the properties with respect to these constraints without any exception, similar to the documentation, and we will consider all this on specific examples, as I already did in the first volume.
I will also teach you many ways to manipulate these constraints using simple vex expressions.
In fact, these two volumes contain a huge amount of material regarding Houdini vellum, which I hope will come in handy in your future projects.

Vellum 3

Hello everyone, my name is Arsen Margaryan, and I am very glad to introduce you to the third part of the series Discovering Houdini Vellum, which is a logical continuation of the second series.

So, This time, the main focus is on the vellum’s powerful soft bodies and all the adjacent constraints.
To be more clear, let me list each of them. So, in detail will study the vellum strut constraint, pressure constraint, tetrahedral stretch constraint, tetrahedral volume constraint, and tetrahedral fiber constraint.
We will carefully analyze all the details about them, on specific examples without any exception, as I did in the previous series.
In addition to soft bodies, we will also study the vellum rest blend and reference frame nodes in detail, and throughout the entire lesson, we will perform interesting and practical tasks that you can often encounter.
So, I hope you enjoy the lesson and wish you a good viewing.

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