CGCircuit – Introduction to Volumes I – Dust Interaction Free Download

CGCircuit – Introduction to Volumes I – Dust Interaction Free Download

Welcome to Volume 1: Dust Interaction, the ultimate tutorial for creating stunning pyro simulations! In this lesson, we’ll go on an exciting adventure through the world of pyro effects, focusing specifically on dust and smoke simulations.

Get ready to learn essential techniques for crafting captivating pyro simulations. We’ll explore voxel workflows and show you how to create a sparse pyro solver from scratch. Along the way, we’ll dive into micro-solvers and teach you how to control their values to achieve the desired effects.

We will also learn the importance of velocity in pyro simulations and share some valuable tips and tricks to enhance your work. Discover how to find the perfect voxel size for your scene and optimize your simulations for maximum impact.

Ever wondered how to create smoke simulations around moving objects? Fear not! I will guide you through the process using the powerful Pyro Solver SOP.

Once we’ve achieved a satisfying simulation result, we’ll import it into Solaris and We’ll explore MaterialX.
Discover how to leverage Karma XPU to optimize your workflow and achieve faster and more efficient renders.

Check Out this exciting new course where we will explore the art of creating stunning dust simulations. From the basics to advanced techniques

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