CGCircuit – The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics Free Download

CGCircuit – The Complete guide to ZIVA Dynamics Free Download

Updated on: 08/17/2023

Ziva Dynamics is a plugin that was used in many Hollywood and Marvels movies such as: Venom, Captain Marvel, Spider-man, Godzilla, Jumanji,

Ziva was recently adapted in games such “Hellblade 2 Senua’s Saga” and will be used more after being acquired by Unity3D company.

The Ziva pipeline can be daunting because everything in it is related to each other from Modeling to Animation.

I put this course together for my students to clarify all the ambiguities concerning the Ziva pipeline in a single crash course that is carefully structured which starts from a character in the scene to a finally shot.

The course is divided into multiple chapters, the majority of the lectures are under 12 minutes long (The longest lecture is 15min) to make it easier for the students to follow and to go back at any particular topic at any time if needed.

Students will start the course with the necessary knowledge concerning the preparation of the character for the Ziva plugin.

Chapter 01 Modeling

Students will learn how to place the bones, the muscles and how to quickly create the fascia and the inner mesh to create a water-tight mesh. Even though in a Studios you won’t be doing the modeling but you need to have this knowledge to guide the modeler to deliver a compatible modeling for the Ziva.

Chapter 02 Rigging

The longest chapter and the heart of Ziva because all the muscles and their deformations are going to ride on top of our rig, So we make sure to teach the students how to anatomically rig a character using a couple of methods, we even provided 2 solutions for the problematic elements, one is simple and the other is advanced.

Chapter 03 MOCAP

Ziva is a pluging based on the real deformation equations, students will explore the advantage of the rig created previeously and how easily the rig is setup to accept MOCAP of any kind; Also the animator can introduce manual tweaking using our friendly rig.

Chapter 04 Ziva

Students will start learning the Ziva plugins with a practical approach, hands on, in each lecture they explore a feature of Ziva while building their Ziva rig until the end.

We wrap up this chapter by learning how to merge the skinned mesh and the ziva simulation together to get the animation of the fingers and the head and more explanation about fixing problems from the simulation.

This course is for Riggers / technical artists who want to boost their rigging and technical skills to the next level and to make them a stronger job candidates by creating an awesome shot!

By The end of this course students will be able to produce high quality rigged characters / creatures ready for animation and simulation.


Maya 2022
Ziva 1.922

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