Cgforge Destruction 1 – 3 Free Download


Cgforge Destruction 1 – 3 Free Download

Get started in the right direction with RBD

Destruction I is the perfect course for getting started with Rigid Body Dynamics (RBD) using Houdini. The course contains theory, practice, exercises, scene files, and print-outs that are useful in production.

More specifically, this includes: Analyzing collision meshes, understanding packed primitives, RBD packed primitives, the differences between solvers, understanding how constraints work, voronoi fracturing, boolean fracturing, name & cluster attributes, how to control additional RBD attributes, active objects, static objects, deforming objects, animated objects, mass, bounce, friction, half life, proper caching workflows, re-timing, and much more.

By the end the course, you’ll have a great sense in how rigids work in Houdini, and approaching further study will become much easier.

Destruction 2

Quickly learn about Sop-level RBD tools

Destruction II is designed to help you understand the ins-and-outs of sop-level rbd toolsets. These tools were introduced in Houdini 18 and offer a variety of useful, high-level workflows which enhance your RBD workflows.

We’ll explore these topics through a series of small scenes which are designed to take advantage of these tools.

Destruction 3

Take your RBD Setups to the next level

Destruction III is perfect for anyone looking to use RBD simulations within a professional scenario.

Technical, artistic, and organizational topics are covered in detail. By the end of it, you’ll have a wide variety of techniques which can be used within a wide range of production scenarios.


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