Chaos Corona 10 Hotfix 1 for 3ds Max 2016-2024 Free Download

Chaos Corona 10 Hotfix 1 for 3ds Max 2016-2024 Free Download

The Corona Decal takes on a whole new life in your scenes, with the ability to have a Decal affect only particular channels in the material.

For example, you can now add a crack onto a brick wall, which you can easily move around and position, without disrupting the color and other parameters of the bricks and mortar. Or, as in the example below, add footprints using displacement that maintain the original texture for the ground.

Additionally, you can choose whether the Bump and Displacement channels in a Decal material either overwrite or combine with those channels in the base material.

Freely place a Corona Camera anywhere in your scene, including inside volumes such as a Volume material, Phoenix simulations, or VolumeGrids for OpenVDB objects.

Now your cameras can fly through clouds and fog, rise and surface from below to above water, pass through fire, and more.

This hotfix addresses some specific issues, and all Corona 10 users for 3ds Max, are recommended to download it.

The issues are:
· Fixed issue where using “Camera physical size” with UHD/4K cache led to freeze.
· Fixed issue where using “Camera physical size” sometimes broke object picking from VFB.
· Fixed issue where CIE crashes after deleting Curves tone mapping operator with an opened editor.
· Fixed issue where creating a region during pre-rendering phases led to a crash.
· Added legacy checkbox (in Developmental/Experimental Stuff settings) to return to the pre Version 10 filtering of environment maps. This is on by default for legacy scenes.
· (3ds Max) Fixed issue where Cosmos freezes 3ds Max if closed too quickly after start.
· (3ds Max)Fixed issue where setting a Camera Physical Size in a Corona 10 scene caused opening a pre-Corona 10 scene later in the same session to inherit the Camera Physical Size setting rather than have it set to 0 (as there was no such parameter before Corona 10).

ChaosCorona10hotfix1for3dsMax2016to2024.part1.rar – 235.0 MB
ChaosCorona10hotfix1for3dsMax2016to2024.part2.rar – 235.0 MB
ChaosCorona10hotfix1for3dsMax2016to2024.part3.rar – 213.5 MB