Character Design Series: Concept and Story

Character Design Series: Concept and Story

 Character Design Series: Concept and Story

Join the first Class from the Character Design Crash Course and create your first Character Portfolio!

What you’ll learn in this class:

    • What is concept art & how to train for becoming one
    • Storytelling method for artists – learn how to create characters with substance!
    • Example of characters’ stories that are used in illustrations
    • How to create stories through composition, shapes and colors
    • Sketching a character from a written description only

With this class, you can download and use my Essentials Brush Pack (find it in the Resources section!) as well as a paper texture that I often use when sketching on my iPad!

About the series

The Character Design Crash Course was created for those who want to create meaningful characters, who have their own stories, their own emotions, problems and lives. In essence – to create realistic characters who people can relate to.

Below you can see the Classes that will be included in this series! If you think this series is perfect for you, follow me on Skillshare to be up to date with all of my uploads!