Cinematic Photography 2.0 by Sergey Spirin

Cinematic Photography 2.0 by Sergey Spirin

Cinematic Photography 2.0 by Sergey Spirin
Video: 1080p | RAW files | Actions | Plugins | Jpeg

(lecture in the studio + workshop)
1. Introduction Acquaintance. Cinematic photography and Slide Movie presentation.
2. Where ideas come from. Sources of inspiration. Director’s approach.
3. Issues of drama and philosophy of sensory stories.
4. Organized departure of participants to the filming location
5. Preparing to shoot. Familiarity with the location.
6. Technique shooting SLIDE MOVIE. Recommendations for setting up the camera. Equipment.
7. The practical part. Shooting a project in the format of Slide Movie.

The venue for lectures is the metro stations Baumanskaya and Elektrozavodskaya.

1. Features color correction with a cinematic shade. Analysis of screenshots of several classic films.
2. View the original material of the first day. Sorting, forming a series, the criteria in the selection of photos.
3. Review editor Final Cut. All stages of post-processing video and information slide movie presentations. Basic installation rules. From participants MK is not required special knowledge and skills in this editor. All information is given in the most detailed form with the creation of screenshots of key points of work.
4. Browse Adobe Photoshop. MK is focused on confident users of the editor. Post-processing a series of photos of the first day. All key moments of editing, author’s presets. Creating a photo series in a single color version with a video series.
5. Optimization of workflow. How to distinguish the most important from the minor.
6. Slide Movie, as a unique tool for your presentation.
7. Questions of motivation, self-development and discovery of new opportunities.
8. Inexhaustible, free encyclopedia of knowledge!
9. Answers to the questions and portfolio review of participants MK.

Language: Russian

Size: 3.6 GB Free Download