Coding For AB Testing Run More Ab Tests Find More Winners Free Download

Coding For AB Testing Run More Ab Tests Find More Winners Free Download

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Learn HTML, CSS, JS & data tracking for website AB testing and build your own AB tests without the help of a developer

What you’ll learn

Run more A/B tests and find more A/B test winners

Build your own A/B tests without the help of a developer

Set up reliable data tracking for A/B testing

Do a proper quality assurance to make sure your A/B tests work perfectly

Learn HTML, CSS and javascript to run many more A/B tests


A testing tool (like VWO and Optimizely) is not required, but it is useful. Free options are discussed in the course. (Learnings are applicable for all testing tools)

Eagerness to learn coding for A/B testing

Eagerness to run many more A/B tests

No coding knowledge required

No prior knowledge is needed

Useful (free) tools will be discussed in the course


Bestselling A/B testing course on Udemy in the category: A/B testingAs a Conversion Optimization specialist or as someone working on website A/B testing, your success is often deteed by the number of A/B tests you run and the number of test winners you find. So the more tests you run, the higher your chance of success. But very often, the IT department is a major bottleneck for us. When we want to set up a test, it ends up at the bottom of the IT backlog, costing you valuable and decreasing your chance to be successful in AB testing. If you recognize this situation, then this is the right course for you.By taking this course you will learn:HTMLCSS for website AB testingjavascript (jQuery) for website AB testingData tracking for website AB testingSetting up 60 to 90% of your own A/B tests without the help of a developerThis helps you to set up and run many more A/B tests and greatly increase your success. The course is set up in a practical and engaging manner. Together, we will start with the absolute basics before building many different kinds of A/B tests on your own website, while we increase the complexity step by step. The course is designed for people with no coding skills, and for those that have some experience already. The learnings in this course are applicable to every testing tool on the market.Coding for A/B testing course structureSection 1: IntroductionSection 2: HTMLSection 3: CSS for AB testingSection 4: javascript (jQuery) for AB testingSection 5: Data gathering for AB testingSection 6: Quality assurance for AB testingSection 7: Thank youOf course, there are many web development courses out there. But there is one big difference: As a Conversion specialist, you don’t build websites, you chance them. This requires a completely different focus on coding while also making sure you obtain reliable and trustworthy data. Web development courses help you to build websites, this course helps you to build and run reliable and successful A/B tests.The course is designed for anyone working on A/B testing. Conversion specialists, growth hackers, and even front-end developers can hugely benefit from this course.Now let’s get started. Feel free to check out the free preview lectures, or start taking this course right now.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course goals and benefits

Lecture 2 What is A/B testing

Lecture 3 Two ways to create a variation

Lecture 4 HTML, CSS & JS for A/B testing

Lecture 5 Cheat sheet & code resources

Lecture 6 Free tools for this course

Section 2: HTML

Lecture 7 What is HTML

Lecture 8 HTML basics

Lecture 9 Header tags

Lecture 10 Paragraph tags

Lecture 11 Lists

Lecture 12 Link to a different page

Lecture 13 Link to the same page

Lecture 14 Images

Lecture 15 Self-closing tags

Lecture 16 Tables

Lecture 17 Symbols

Lecture 18 iframes

Lecture 19 Input fields and buttons

Lecture 20 Text styling

Lecture 21 Comments

Lecture 22 Division and span tags

Lecture 23 Wrap up HTML

Section 3: CSS for AB testing

Lecture 24 What is CSS

Lecture 25 CSS for AB testing basics

Lecture 26 CSS selector: classes and ids

Lecture 27 CSS selector: combinations

Lecture 28 CSS selector: additional options

Lecture 29 CSS in developer tools

Lecture 30 Color codes

Lecture 31 CSS text styling

Lecture 32 Lists

Lecture 33 CSS boxmodel

Lecture 34 Width and height

Lecture 35 Padding

Lecture 36 Borders

Lecture 37 Ma

Lecture 38 Boxmodel exercise

Lecture 39 Display

Lecture 40 Positioning

Lecture 41 Float

Lecture 42 Z-index

Lecture 43 Pseudo classes and elements

Lecture 44 Media queries

Lecture 45 Wrap up CSS

Section 4: javascript (jQuery) for AB testing

Lecture 46 What is javascript & jQuery

Lecture 47 jQuery for AB testing basics

Lecture 48 A/B testing with jQuery in Google Optimize

Lecture 49 Missing jQuery library and Google Optimize setup

Lecture 50 Selecting elements with jQuery

Lecture 51 Chag text and html

Lecture 52 Rearrange elements

Lecture 53 Add elements

Lecture 54 Remove elements

Lecture 55 CSS changes through jQuery

Lecture 56 Add classes and ids

Lecture 57 Change attributes

Lecture 58 Click function

Lecture 59 Variables

Lecture 60 Each function

Lecture 61 If statement

Lecture 62 Debugging

Lecture 63 Timing issues

Lecture 64 Dynamic content & Single Page Applications

Lecture 65 Exercise 1: Toggle content

Lecture 66 Exercise 2: Extra menu item

Lecture 67 Exercise 3: Show pop-up after 10 seconds

Lecture 68 Exercise 4: Countdown r

Lecture 69 Wrap up JS and jQuery

Section 5: Data gathering for AB testing

Lecture 70 Importance of trustworthy data for AB testing

Lecture 71 Control and variation

Lecture 72 Timing issues with Google Analytics events

Lecture 73 Event tracking code for your A/B test

Lecture 74 Control and variation GA4

Lecture 75 Extra events

Lecture 76 Heatmaps

Lecture 77 Polls and recordings

Lecture 78 Wrap up data gathering

Section 6: Quality assurance for AB testing

Lecture 79 Importance of QA

Lecture 80 Setup of A/B testing tools

Lecture 81 A/A test

Lecture 82 QA on IP address

Lecture 83 QA on cookie

Lecture 84 Wrap up quality assurance

Section 7: Thank you

Lecture 85 Thank you

Conversion specialists who want to run more A/B tests,Anyone working on A/B testing,Online marketeers, growth hackers and designers who want to learn how to code A/B tests

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