Colorist Factory – Power Curves Free Download

Colorist Factory – Power Curves

Colorist Factory – Power Curves

Power Curves are a set of Industry inspired color Grades, masterfully recreated using native tools of popular editing platforms: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve. Power Curves are crafted keeping in mind the color limitation of Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.
Power Curves install as normal presets, but their application goes beyond to offer much wide flexibility for novice to veteran filmmakers. Let’s take a look at a quick trailer showcasing our brand new Power Curves and walk through the basic steps of integrating Power Curves into our post-production workflow.

Comparing the “flat” look of a LUT
, with much more vibrant hues of “Power Curve”
being used on the same image.

How is a Power Curves different from LUT?
Power Curves – are not LUTs. LUT’s offer a flat color conversion utility. Which works best if the purpose of a LUT is pre-defined. For example, LUTs in our colorist toolkit offer specific results, given they are applied on specific shots. But that is not the case with Power Curves.

The ultimate utility lies in our Masterfully Crafted Grades. Multiple minor adjustments, added sequentially to render an overall Powerful and Intelligent Color Grade. Giving ultimate flexibility to the end-user and saving hours of post-production time, no matter if it’s a commercial film or a feature-length film!

Size: 25.2 MBFree Download