CommonPoint – 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass Free Download

CommonPoint – 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass Free Download

Learn to execute the most important lighting scenarios you need.
Starting from the day, sunset, through the overcast, night to foggy and moody scenarios.
It’s all in here. Tons of lighting techniques, scenario breakdowns, color and composition concepts, and step-by-step commercial workflows.
Prepare to work magic in Corona Renderer / 3ds Max / Photoshop. We include an entire 3d scene just for you to practice along with us!

Everything a professional thinks while rendering an image. Broken down into three essential paths, spread across 29 easily digestible lessons that build on top of each other. Starting from scene assessment to the final touch. It’s a mindset of doing things right, irrespective of your rendering software.

01. Theoretical Foundation
We discuss potential problems and solutions to day, sunset, overcast, night, and foggy scenarios based on works from our invited, best-in-the-industry star guests. You’ll learn what a successful lighting scenario looks like and how to articulate that knowledge to your colleagues and clients. You don’t want to miss out on that one!

02. Technical Proficiency
Advanced techniques that push your artistic skills to a whole new level. Develop a deep understanding of the Corona Sun/Sky, HDRIs, Volumetric effects, Corona Frame Buffer, and much, much more. You’ll literally develop an image like this one. How cool is that?

03. Color Understanding
Techniques to improve seeing natural colors, which virtually don’t exist in different trainings. You’ll understand how to see and nail colors that sell like crazy. And if you think that working with LUTs is magical, wait until you create them on your own, with ease.

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