Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry with Brooke Shaden & Sebastian Michaels

Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry with Brooke Shaden & Sebastian Michaels
 “Imagine planning and staging your own conceptual photo shoots . . . Orchestrated around creative ideas and themes that inspire you . . . All while discovering your own style and crafting the finest artwork of your life . . .”

Here’s What You Get!
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  • Live training videos from 6 brand new photo shoots with Brooke Shaden (conducted expressly for this course), in which Brooke walks you through everything she now feels is essential when creating serious works of art.
  • Extensive layer-by-layer, technique-by-technique Photoshop tutorials by Sebastian Michaels, walking you through each of Brooke’s original compositions crafted from her photo shoots.
  • In-depth training on Pro-Level Editing and Creative Compositing in Photoshop. (Whether you’re a beginner or already feel you’re an advanced user, this training will open your eyes to a whole new creative approach to fashioning fine art images suitable for a gallery exhibition.)
  • Extensive training on Planning and Conducting Your Own Creative Photo Shoots: covering everything you’ll want to know, from dreaming up great ideas … to finding the perfect location and lining up a model … to capturing the precise photos that will allow you to bring it all to life on your canvas as a powerful work of art.
  • An exciting series of 7 Bonus “Variation” Tutorials in which Sebastian walks you (layer by layer, technique by technique) through exquisite compositions by seven other highly skilled photo artists from around the world. (This will radically expand the range of approaches you’ll be able to take with your own artwork and spark all sorts of other ideas across numerous different styles.)
  • Bonus Training: “The Unexpected Object Shoot” which will have you completely rethinking what’s possible in conceptual fine art photography (and enable you to create meaningful, profound work even if you have no interest whatsoever in working with models).
  • Access to Extensive Training and Behind-the-Scenes Footage from 6 Bonus Photo Shoots with Sebastian Michaels, planned over the next three months. (This will keep you even more engaged in the course, with fresh content and new approaches coming out every two weeks, each bolstered with creative assignments to challenge you throughout 2020!)