CoreMelt Lock & Load X Free Download

CoreMelt Lock & Load X Free Download

Faster Analysis, Better Results, More Powerful

Lock & Load is the fastest and most robust stabilizer for FCP X, Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac Only).


Lock & Load is up to 4x faster than the built in stabilizer in FCP X and includes specific rolling shutter camera presets for most 4K and modern cameras. With optimised workflow for 4K in FCP X, Lock and Load will use both GPU on a Mac Pro system.  Lock and Load is frequently updated with new Rolling Shutter presets including the  Sony A7S, Sony AX100, Black Magic Pocket Camera, Panasonic GH4, Canon EOS 6D, RED Scarlet, RED EPIX MX and RED EPIC Dragon.

Lock & Load, the fastest and most powerful stabilizer for FCP X, just even better. (Updated November 2016) We’ve added support for working directly on multicam clips, batch tracking of multiple clips with one click, and optimised support for MXF and the latest R3D cameras. And if you already own Lock and Load, this is a free update for you.


Unlike the built in stabilizer, Lock & Load X can be used natively on angles of multi-cam clips. Apply Lock & Load just to a section of an angle that needs stabilizing, or apply Lock & Load within the Angle Editor if you wish to apply it to a complete length of an angle. Both methods are supported.


If you have many clips you need to stabilize at once, now you can paste effects or paste attributes to analyze many clips in one go. A huge time saver on many projects. To use batch processing, place lock and load onto onto clip, then select the others you wish to analyse and select either paste effects or paste attributes, you will then see a window asking you if you want to batch process the clips. Once accepting this, the batch tracking window will open and show you the list of clips to be analyzed.


including the RED Weapon 8K, 4K, SCARLET-W, EPIC-W and RED Raven 4.5K.


MXF is an increasingly important standard, shot by many cameras and also often a delivery format in European countries. Lock & Load now has optimized support for MXF files, making processing of them faster and easier.

Users of FCP 7, After Effects and Premiere Pro can also access the new Rolling Shutter presets for new cameras.  Just press the “update” button in your plugin to download new shutter presets.

Rolling Shutter Reduction helps smooth out footage from CMOS cameras

  • When a CMOS chip records and image, it scans the image from top left to bottom right, when coupled with the motion of the camera, it creates the infamous “wobbly” image effect attributed to CMOS cameras.
  • Lock & Load X now includes specific shutter coefficient values for the new DSLR cameras like the Canon 7D / 5D Mark II and 550D, Sony HDCAM EX1 as well as consumer camcorders like the Legria / Vixia and helmet cams like the Contour HD.

Up to 12 times faster than Smoothcam!

  • Lock & Load X analyzes in the background so you can work on other clips while it’s working, so now more waiting around for clips to be tracked!
  • With this feature, Lock & Load X can track multiple clips in sequence, streamlining your worlkflow.
  • There’s also no need to re-track your clips after simply adding a transition, Lock & Load X uses advanced techniques to keep your clips tracked, meaning less waiting around

Analyzes in/out points for extra speed!

  • Rather than taking all its time to analyse the whole clip, Lock & Load X analyses only whats in between your in/out points, so you don’t analyse unecessary footage.
  • There’s also no need to choose tracking points as Lock & Load X intelligently chooses what to track in your clip, just drag and drop the plugin onto your clip!

Final Cut Pro X Users: Why use Lock & Load X over the built in Stabilizer in FCP X?

  • Faster analysis, up to 12 times faster at analysing the motion in your clip than the built in stabilizer.
  • Better results, more power rolling shutter reduction, less wobble, zooming and scaling artifacts.
  • More powerful, advanced features like tracking region of interest and full parameter keyframing let you handle otherwise untrackable clips.