Create a Personal Brand Website without coding | 2021 Free Download


Create a Personal Brand Website without coding | 2021 Free Download

 Create a Personal Brand Website without coding | 2021
Create a beautiful professional personal brand website and stand out from the crowd. No code. Easy to implement in 1 hr.

What you will learn in this course:

    • How to use WordPress
    • How to use a simple drag and drop builder (Elementor) to create a completely unique personal website
    • How to create a professional portfolio to showcase your work
    • How to easily link all of your social media profiles on your website like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Why do you need a personal brand website?

    • Get a job (show exactly what and the way you want to)
    • Grow your business (clients can share website with other prospective clients)
    • Become a thought leader (can also promote your products/services)’
    • Your creative outlet (showcase anything and everything to your audience)
    • Grow your own audience/email list (social media come and go/ algorithm change)
    • Monetize your website (ads/affiliate/sell own products/services/)
    • People instantly get to know you
    • Ownership of site/ Absolute control (how it looks and all)
    • Organic Traffic from google
    • Professional Email address
    • Build authority Expert/Coach/Consultant/Author/Speaker/Trainer/Business

Topics that we will cover in the course

    • Set up domain and hosting
    • Install WordPress
    • Install Theme Astra
    • Elementor
    • Astra Options
    • Changing picture/text/menu
    • Embedding HTML/ Yt vids/Tweets/Social- smash balloon social photo feed
    • Google search console

Who should take up this course?

    • Students
    • Professionals
    • Freelancers
    • Consultant
    • or Anybody who wants to stand out from the crowd using a personal brand