Create Artistic Portrait Photography

Create Artistic Portrait Photography
Capturing The Face With Your Photographic Vision

When you have a compliant subject in a creative portrait photography shoot, the only limits are your imagination and budget.  In this class we focus on the concepts behind unique portrait photography by looking at the work of dozens of world class photographers past and present.  We’ll cover

  • finding your photographic vision
  • coming up with compelling concepts for your portrait photography
  • where to find subjects + how to approach them
  • the pros and cons of different types of gear
  • some wild approaches to post-production photo editing and in-camera photography effects that allow you to make unique imagery 

I’ll also show you how I do some of my own creative portrait shoots with models in both studio and location settings, and in a travel photography scenario.

This class focuses almost exclusively on putting together a shoot and creative concepts, not gear and technology.