Cucumber Bdd With Java Jenkin Git Free Download

Cucumber Bdd With Java Jenkin Git Free Download

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BDD, Cucumber, Gherkins, Behavior Driven Development, overview on cucumber, Basics on cucumber

What you’ll learn

You can handle interview on cucumber

You can work on any project on BDD


Basic idea on automation testing tools is morethan enough


Updated course with Jenkins, GIT concepts on Jan 18th 2020 Cucumber Content · Cucumber – Overview· Cucumber – Environment· Prerequisites for Environment· Setup· Configure· Cucumber with Maven· Cucumber – Gherkins· Cucumber – Junit Runner class creation and examples · Cucumber – FeaturesFeature FilesCucumber – Scenarios Examples of creating scenarios on different applications Converting manual test cases into scenarios · Steps Definitions Generate step definition from TestRunner classGenerate step definition from chrome browser plugin Generate step definition by writing our script · Integrating cucumber with Selenium Examples of cucumber + Selenium scripts · How to create reusable steps Examples in creating reusable steps and step definitions · Cucumber – Data Tables Examples of creating data in data tables · Cucumber: Parameterization and passing multiple sets of data Examples of data parameterization · Cucumber – Tags · Cucumber – Comments · Cucumber – Hooks · Cucumber – Reports · Framework creation · Integrating Appium with cucumber Examples of executing scripts on Android devicesExamples of executing scripts on iPhone


Section 1: Cucumber BDD and overview on its components

Lecture 1 Overview on Cucumber and what we are going to study from this training

Lecture 2 Introduction to BDD and Cucumber

Lecture 3 Overview on BDD, Cucumber and why selenium + cucumber

Lecture 4 Configuration of Cucumber Part 1

Lecture 5 Configuration of Cucumber Part 2

Lecture 6 Configuration of Cucumber Part 3

Lecture 7 Overview on Gherkins and cucumber keywords

Lecture 8 Examples of creating scenarios

Lecture 9 overview on feature and step definitions

Lecture 10 Create feature file in eclipse editor

Lecture 11 Create step definition from test runner class

Lecture 12 Integration feature file with selenium code

Lecture 13 Integration feature file with Appium code

Lecture 14 Create step definition from chrome browser plugin and by writing our own

Lecture 15 Creating reusable steps and step definitions

Lecture 16 How to handle multiple sets of data – Part 1

Lecture 17 How to execute specific test scenarios

Lecture 18 Overview on scenario outline and how to pass multiple sets of data

Lecture 19 Defining Pre conditions and post conditions – Part 1

Lecture 20 Defining Pre conditions and post conditions – Part 2

Lecture 21 Introduction to Jenkins

Lecture 22 Creating jobs in jenkins

Lecture 23 Overview on Cucumber videos

Anyone who wants to start their career in automation testing

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