Dan Hostettler – Mastering B&W Nudes

Dan Hostettler – Mastering B&W Nudes


In today’s crowded, fanciful colored, digitized (social) media world, B&W imagery creates impact more than ever and has not lost its purpose at all. On the contrary! This style lets your work and vision stand out. Certainly, the way we capture and process these photos has changed over time. But the emotion, love, and allure of your B&W artwork will keep inspiring, and always be its heart. In this workbook, Dan introduces his revived style of sexy BW Nudes photography. Technically adapted for the digital era but yet based on the classic, visual, strong and lasting values that have been evolved over the past 170 years.

Discover the Power of Diversification Do you want to –

  • Stand out?

Tip: B&W is a branding argument. It’s a bold choice in diversifying and expanding your portfolio and commercial services.

    • Gain purity?

Tip: B&W deliberately focuses on composition and visually accelerates shapes, forms and patterns.

    • Highlighting beauty, not beautification?

Tip: B&W helps to strongly emphasize emotions, not gloss. It deeply enhances emotional substance.

  • Explore an artistic look?

Tip: B&W sparks the feel of class, timelessness and artful appeal. And yes, it’s an artistic choice! Dan is exploring extensively the 4 most influential key topics for today’s modern digital demands:

  • WHY still to bet on B&W imagery
  • WHEN to utilize this style
  • HOW TO approach this style in particular
  • The CREATION itself

Dan’s hands-on method is a down to earth, practical, understandable look at B&W, without confusing technical jargon or excessive philosophy, it’s easily accessible.