Dan Vas Ecom Freedom FBA Free Download


Dan Vas Ecom Freedom FBA Free Download

“Ecom Freedom: The world’s best online business and Amazon FBA training”

EcomFreedom.com is the world’s best Amazon FBA and online business training.
With hundreds of verified testimonials and over $10,000,000+ in sales from our members…
The results of our members are 5-10x any other program in the industry…

What’s Included In Ecom Freedom:

Now is the time to start building your dreams…

Only 2 years ago, I was in the exact same shoes as you and with Amazon FBA, I was able to start on the path of my entrepreneurial journey, build my dream life, and reach total and ultimate freedom. I did this because, like many others, I realized the power of the Internet and I took advantage of the opportunities that it has brought to us today.

Dan Vas: My Story

Only a few years ago, I was 20 years old, stuck at a corporate job that I absolutely hated trying to desperately pay off $40,000 of college debt that I had accumulated by pursuing a worthless degree… with no way out. However, I always had this massive ambition in me and this deep passion for entrepreneurship – but I had no ‘outlet’ and no actual business model to apply myself in.

That’s when I started my journey and went all in on building the life of my dreams…

2 years ago, I found out about Amazon FBA – and fast forward to today, I was able to become become a millionaire at the age of 22 and am now scaling to 8 figures per year ($10M/Year) in my eCommerce and online education business.

I’ve also been able to build an amazing YouTube channel with over 75,000 subscribers – full of incredibly valuable videos on how to make money online, building a successful Amazon FBA business, eCommerce, Shopify, and most importantly – mindset.

It’s no accident that these videos lit the spark that allowed me to create the world’s #1 community and platform for people wanting to learn how to start a successful online business and change their lives.

Starting an Amazon FBA business changed my entire life and is the best decision that I’ve ever made…
It gave me the abundance and freedom to design a life on my own terms, while also giving me the confidence to launch myself into pursuing bigger goals and mastering other businesses.

My Mission: To wake millions of people up to the massive opportunities that exist with online business and Amazon FBA today, and to rewire their mindset.

It’s only the beginning, and I don’t plan on stopping until my mission is complete…

Team Ecom Freedom :

7 Figure Amazon FBA Entrepreneur
Expert Brand Builder

Dan Vas has personally mentored over 5,000+ people to success in starting their own successful Amazon FBA business and rewiring their mindset. He started selling on Amazon in early 2017, and has been growing his Amazon FBA business ever since. He is an expert at building physical product brands on Amazon and has a passion for branding.

Amazon EU Expert, Multiple 6 Figure Seller

In March 2018, Conny decided to join the Ecom Freedom course. He was personally mentored by Dan and in under a year, he reached over $100,000 in revenue with his Amazon FBA brand. He will share his secrets and keys to success as the EU Community Manager in the course.

He is also the owner of the #1 eCommerce photography service for professional product photos – PicBooster.

Amazon US Expert, Multiple 6 Figure Seller

Luke jumped into eCommerce to gain freedom and independence. He joined the Ecom Freedom course in 2018 and was personally mentored by Dan to success. He made over $275,000 in his first year selling on Amazon USA with his brands. He shares his secrets and best tips for successful selling in the private community group as the US Community Manager.

How Ecom Freedom works:


To help you reach freedom and success

The results below are from people who have taken massive action on the strategies and the step by step training found in the Ecom Freedom course.

For this reason, it is important to mention that we don’t guarantee ANY result because it all depends on your level of effort and investment.

The only promise that we make is that we will give you all the exact strategies and steps that were given to all of the successful students before you.

The disturbing cost of going at it alone…

Some take on the bold idea of trying to do this all alone, without any course or mentorship…

  • Yeah, maybe it’s possible. But it will be incredibly and excruciatingly painful and difficult. Not to mention that it will delay your success by years and will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost inventory dollars due to investing in bad products.
  • To figure out all this information and all the right steps to get your Amazon FBA business started the right way it would take you 3-10 years of your life and you might not figure it out at all
  • You run the risk of investing in failed product after failed product, and lose thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process on easily preventable mistakes
  • Succeeding on Amazon requires the right mindset, and to get your mindset right and change your paradigm yourself may take you decades of lost years and pain – and your life may pass without it ever being done
  • To build a support network/community of people like this would take years, it took me 3 to get this community where it’s at today and I put my heart and soul into it every single day for those 3 years
  • You’ll be stuck without any kind of mentorship or expert advice to turn to in those periods where you’re left feeling incredibly confused, disoriented and at a loss for what to do next

Learn every single step you need to build a profitable Amazon FBA business…


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