David Dubnitsky – Genre Nude Portrait free Download

David Dubnitsky – Genre Nude Portrait free Download

David Dubnitsky – Genre Nude Portrait
Video: 720p | 5hrs | RAW filesPhotographer David Dubnitsky will talk about where to get inspiration, how to find and choose the most suitable model in the most productive way, how to choose a location for shooting and how to create surroundings in usual places for shooting, you will also learn about working with light and a lot of interesting things about processing.


Lesson plan:

Part 1: Preparing for the photo shoot
– Search for ideas and inspiration (where to get ideas and images for genre art photos). With examples.
– A detailed preliminary study of the upcoming photoset (harmony, composition and mood in the frame, color scheme, emotional and aesthetic component, details in the frame, the relevance of nude elements, WOW-Factor, etc.) with examples of photos.
– How to find and choose a suitable model and, if necessary, convince to act in film with elements of a nude.
– Finding the right place to shoot, as well as creating with your own hands the necessary surroundings in ordinary apartments, offices and other rooms ..
– Search for clothes and accessories.

Part 2: In the process of photoset
– Work with natural light, work with a reflector, remote control, tripod and filters (Soft, ND).
– Subtleties of working with backlight
– The choice of the shooting point, the composition of objects in the frame.
– Work with the model (emotional component and mutual trust, choice of poses, actions in the frame, camera angles, etc.).
– Control of results, work on errors.

Part 3: Processing footage
– Choice of frames for processing
– Preparing photos when converting from Adobe Camera Raw, for further color grading.
– Crop. Work with the background.
– Work with the model. Plastic (Liquify), elimination of disadvantages.
– Work with the face of the model.
– General black and white drawing.
– Work with the Tiffen plugin (lighting effects and color correction)
– Creating the necessary mood in the frame using the right tinting and color correction.

Language: Russian

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