Domestika Professional photography and video with your mobile

Domestika Professional photography and video with your mobile

Learn the techniques to create quality content for Instagram from your smartphone

Flowing with your mobile phone to take the photos and videos you imagine for Instagram is possible with dedication, motivation and the professional advice of Nay Jiménez. As the founding photographer and art director of Fruta Studio, her day to day is dedicated to creating visual and creative content for the social networks of brands such as Disney, Puma, Samsung or Level. Its visual content can vary from lifestyle , travel and still lifes to such imaginative things as stop motion , and in this course it will share with you all its techniques so that you lose your fear and transform your smartphone into a small producer of ideas.

You will learn how to get the most out of your mobile phone to create visual content in photos and videos for your social networks. You will focus mainly on color and composition to give a consistent visual style to your gallery and on the editing of each photo and video to achieve an editorial line, both in your content in Instagram Stories and in your Instagram feed.



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