Drawing like an Artist Free Download


Drawing like an Artist Free Download

 Drawing like an Artist

Artists always believe that better understanding of lights and shadows is the most important virtue for any artist to get phenomenal in the field of arts.

In this class we will learn about how to get better in understanding lights and shadow techniques in the most easiest way. this is the most amazing way to draw portraits or anything else. As its name suggests, in this method we are not going to draw the outlines of any shape rather we are directly going to draw the solid form itself and then identifying its details. So its opposite to part by part drawing technique or outline drawing technique, which really makes it challenging for an artist to get the results & proportional value in order.

As this technique involves challenges and risks, it attracts artists to showcase their talent and their understanding of lights & shadows. Also the most fun loving part in it that you never know whether yu are going to get results or not.