Drawing Stylized Hair Free Download

Drawing Stylized Hair Free Download

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Tips for Portrait Illustration

What you’ll learn

Drawing stylized character portraits with different hair designs

How to use simple shapes to draw hair

How to simplify real-life references in stylized character portraits

How to color and share dhair


You should be comfortable with trying things on your own

You should know how to work with the Procreate app

You should have iPad supporting Procreate & Apple Pencil or other supported stylus


Learn to draw stylized people portraits with different hair designsDrawing stylized people portraits with cool hair is a lot of fun. It can add so much personality and uniqueness to your character illustrations.If you want to feel more comfortable drawing stylized people portraits with different hair designs, this class is for you!We will design stylized hair for character portraits using simple shapes. You get more comfortable and have a solid starting point when drawing hairstyles for your character illustrations.To make learning fun and personal, I will share many tips and tricks you can use when designing your stylized portraits.You will learn:How to use simple shapes to draw hairHow to draw stylized character portraits with different hair designsHow to work with references which will help you with designing hairstyles for your charactersHow to simplify the real-life in your character designI will be using Procreate, but feel free to use any drawing software or medium you prefer.In addition, you will also get practice sheets with references and a character color palette as a freebie.Let’s start expanding our horizons and drawing people portraits with awesome hair designs!See you in the class! ♡© Copyright Iva Mikles | All Rights Reserved | Class content & structure for educational purposes only


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Resources

Section 2: Tips and Tricks

Lecture 3 Design & Hairstyle

Lecture 4 Finding References

Lecture 5 Bner Mistakes

Lecture 6 Silhouette & Shape

Lecture 7 Smooth & Wild Style

Lecture 8 Hairstyle & Hair split

Lecture 9 Hairstyle & Hairline

Lecture 10 Hair Direction

Lecture 11 Direction & Texture

Lecture 12 Hair Sections

Lecture 13 Sections & Loose Strands

Section 3: Class Project

Lecture 14 Mini Exercise

Lecture 15 Let’s Start the Project

Lecture 16 Let’s Add Some Color

Lecture 17 Let’s Add HIghlights

Lecture 18 Let’s Add Shading

Lecture 19 Let’s Add Color To The Outfit

Lecture 20 Let’s Summarize

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