Easy Peasy Pattern Making


Easy Peasy Pattern Making

 Easy Peasy Pattern Making
This class is all about making patterns in the most simple and easiest way possible! I’ve created automated pattern shortcuts for you to use, so let your iPad do the hard work and so you can focus on the designs. I will be sharing all my most useful shortcuts for making patterns, with lessons on how to use them. Whether you are completely new to pattern making or a seasoned pattern designer, you will really benefit from the tools learnt in this course!

You will learn the following:

    • How to use the Shortcuts app
    • Laying out your images in a simple grid
    • Seamless repeating patterns
    • Half drop repeating patterns
    • Easy ways to view your patterns on a bigger scale
    • Experimenting with colours and layouts

You will need:

    • An iPad
    • Any drawing app (I will demonstrate in Procreate)
  • Apple Shortcuts App
Size: 466.4 MB Free Download