Eric Thayne – Lighting Secrets Workshop

Eric Thayne – Lighting Secrets Workshop

Eric Thayne – Lighting Secrets Workshop
English | Video: 1080p

Lighting Secrets is a complete crash course for the filmmaker who wants to master lighting.

Learn how to see, analyze, and understand light in your scenes!

Introduction to Lighting
​Color Temperature, Tint, and CRI
​4 Common Types of Lights
​The 3 Main Light Roles
​The Characteristics of Light
​Quality of Light
​Intensity & Brightness

You’ll learn a bunch of ways to position your lights to get different effects/moods!

Beauty Lighting
​Interview Lighting – Watch For FREE
​Creating Shape & Contrast In A Small Room
​Book Light
​Mixed Color Temperatures
​Simulated Sunlight Through Windows
​Overhead Lighting
​Lighting With Windows
​Exterior Lighting (Overcast)
​Exterior Lighting (Sunny)
​Using Practicals
​Lighting The Environment
​Music Video Technique
​Shooting With One Light

In this section, I break down scenes from my own work and show you exactly how they were lit!

Recording Studio Soft Light Vs. Hard Light
​Office Scene With Book Light
​Wine Cellar With Single Backlight
​Backlighting With Large Windows
​Nativity Scenes With Mixed Color Temperatures
​High Key Commercial Lighting
​Music Video Night For Day & Sun Diffusion
​Moonlight Effects In A Music Video
​Exterior Lighting (Overcast)
​Netting And Negative Fill Outside
​Single Backlight Source In A Garage
​Day For Night Bedroom