Essentials of Affinity Publisher for Beginners

Essentials of Affinity Publisher for Beginners

Essentials of Affinity Publisher for Beginners
You don’t need any experience to complete this course as I take you from the very beginning through to a point where you can confidently create your own media.

Affinity Publisher is one of the best publishing pieces of software around and a strong (and more affordable) contender for Adobe InDesign.

It allows you to create beautiful books, magazines and marketing materials through to social media posts, website mockups and a variety of other projects. This modern publishing app gives you the power to combine beautiful type, exciting images and amazing graphics to create stunning layouts ready for publication.

It has an easy-to-use interface to help you work in a fast and intuitive way.

The course includes the following:

Overview of what Affinity Publisher actually does
Looking at the interface and where to find things
How to setup and create various types of documents
Principles of color (such as RGB and CMYK)
Interaction with the Photo persona (part of the Affinity Suite)
The basics of typography and how to use it within Affinity Publisher
Working with images and graphical shapes to make your projects “pop”!
Working with double page spread documents
Using image frames with intelligent scaling options
Creating text wrapping with fine padding control
Linking multiple text frames together across your document
Exciting projects to help you remember and put into practice what you’ve learned
With powerful features like master pages, tables, text flow and professional print output and other awesome features, Affinity Publisher has everything you need to create the perfect layout – whether it’s for commercial printing, home printing, web or social media projects.