F37 Attila Font Family Free Download 


F37 Attila Font Family Free Download

F37 Attila Font Family

F37 Attila is inspired by the 1933 German typeface Krimhilde. This unusual hybrid font was designed by Albert Auspurg, a prolific and versatile type designer, who hailed from Frankfurt. It was digitally revived and extended by Ralf Herrmann in 2018.

Like Krimhilde, the design of F37 Attila mixes elements of traditional German blackletter typefaces with later geometric sans-serif designs. Ubiquitous today, utilitarian sans faces first started to gain popularity in the 1920s with the movement known as The New Typography.

The result of mixing and matching such unlikely bedfellows creates something a bit different and distinctive. But it really works. The little kick tails give the font a certain charm and the overall effect feels characterful and contemporary. Touches like the angular finial of the lower-case t and the sloping stroke ends add yet more quirkiness. With a wealth of alternates and angular swashed characters to chose from, F37 Attila confronts the other wise monotonous geometric genre with unrivalled individuality.

Fun and curious, F37 Attila is great for logos and designs that call for individuality.