Figma for Non-Designers Free Download


Figma for Non-Designers Free Download

 Figma for Non-Designers
Are you working together with designers or have troubles using Figma? This course aims to take away all troubles when it comes to the basic usage of Figma as adding comments or working with interactive prototypes.

No matter if you have a background in copywriting, brand, communication, PM or really anything else (maybe even a designer who is just starting out with Figma!), you’ll be able to confidently start your first tasks after taking this course.

In this course you will learn:

    • What is Figma
    • An in-depth look at Figma’s interface
    • What are interactive prototypes
    • How are interactive prototypes in Figma built up
    • How to navigate through interactive prototypes
    • How to create your own interactive prototype
    • How to share files
    • How to access shared files
    • How to add comments
    • How to communicate in Figma

I have spent many hours in the preparation and production of this course, and I really hope that you enjoy it and are able to make the most of it for your career and professional life!

About Max: I am a Senior UX Designer and User Researcher and I am a huge fan of believing in never stopping to learn. I want to share my knowledge with you and give back to the community that brought me to where I am now.