Final Cut Pro X Core Training

Final Cut Pro X Core Training

 Final Cut Pro X Core Training
Become a professional Video Editor with FCP

This four-hour course is designed to teach video and audio editing with FCP X. This course will take you from the very basics all the way through to advanced operations in editing. You can be a PRO in FCP within a minimal period of time.

You will surely enjoy this learning as it showcases the real-time scenarios in videography and editing. It would be easy to follow as we progress each step in adding content, arranging, editing, fine editing, and finally exporting your movie.

And you don’t need to take any notes while you learn. All notes are made available on our official website. You can refer to it at any point in time.

We have divided the entire course into 12 sections. Let us see the content of each section

  1. Learn how to use Final Cut Pro. Complete course in video editing. You will learn about FCP’s installation and basic interface in this part. You will also learn how to import material and play it in FCP.
  2. Learn how to organize files in FCP, Rename, Merge, Rate files and events.
  3. Editing – Here you will learn to create a project with added clips. Here, you can see how to include titles, mp3 files, and other media to your video. The Timeline editor and related clips will then be shown. You will familiarize yourself with overwriting and replacing clips, extracting audio and video from a clip, solo a clip
  4. We’ll go over how to change the length of a clip, trim and cut one or more clips, extend a clip, and move a clip within the timeline. You’ll also learn about various editing tools like Select, Trim, Position, Range selection, Blade, Zoom and Snap, learn how to use them. And perform edits with Roll, Slip, Slide, and Split Edits. The time code and markers we used in FCP are described in this section.
  5. Audio Editing- Will cover the basic audio editing techniques for your video mixing. You will learn how to set the preferred loudness, Adjust the volume levels, do fade in and fade outs. Adding special sound effects like echo and many others.
  6. Titles – You will learn how to add titles, lower thirds and credits in your movie.