Finance Your Film Script: From Proposal & Logline to Treatment

Finance Your Film Script: From Proposal & Logline to Treatment

 Finance Your Film Script: From Proposal & Logline to Treatment

In this class, you’ll learn how to craft a compelling and professional document to present your film project to investors. I share the tools for making a Film Proposal that has helped me finance twelve feature films.

I cover the SIX KEY STEPS to creating a compelling Film Proposal:

1. Logline: A one-sentence summary of your film’s plot.

2. Synopsis: A brief overview of your film’s story, characters, and themes.

3. Treatment: A more detailed description of your film, including character development, plot points, and key scenes.

4. Author statement: A statement about your vision for the film and your unique perspective as the filmmaker.

5. Visual statement: A description of the look and feel of your film, including lighting, cinematography, and production design.

6. Audience & Marketing: A description of your film’s target audience and marketing strategy.

In each lesson, you will be given a short task that will help you practice and apply the concepts you have learned. By completing these tasks and working through the example project, you will gain hands-on experience in creating a Film Proposal and be well-prepared to pitch your own film ideas to investors.

These six key steps are the fundamentals. After completing this class, you can also add more elements (character report, world view, backstory, etc.) to your Film Proposal depending on your style.