Find Your Signature Design Style

Find Your Signature Design Style

Find Your Signature Design Style
This class is made as a guide for helping you to find your signature design style. It’s for surface pattern designers, illustrators and fine artists who are interested in finding and growing your signature style.

To find your signature design style can feel challenging. If you ask most creatives how to find your signature style, they would probably mention two things – time and practice.

But this process can be more or less challenging and that’s the reason why I’ve created this class.. The class in it self won’t give you a signature style, you still need to do the work. But see it as a toolbox of exercises and tips that can help you move forward in your journey of finding your style.

The class is built up with exercises and tips that I wish that I would have gotten when I first started out. Throughout the class we will follow a workbook that I’ve created for you, included as a resource in class, that will guide you through the process and make you really think through your style choices and the way you create.

I will teach you the techniques that I’ve worked with myself to find my style and we will also talk about mindset, if you really need a signature style and why it’s good to narrow it down to one style when you first start out.

It’s a beginner friendly class where we will focus on working through the workbook and practical exercise that can help you find your style, and you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to take this class.

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