Fixthephoto Cinematic LUTs Free Download

Fixthephoto Cinematic LUTs Free Download

This set of 20 Cinematic LUTs is perfect if you are interested in the effect you can get with top-quality color films. Each LUT comes in a .CUBE format and is compatible with almost all popular video editors and softwares.

Each of 20 LUTs in this bundle is created to improve shadows and highlights, enhance colors, and save details in mid-tones. You can use these cinematic LUTs to increase contrast and make shadows colder, give your footage a magenta tone and make other colors intense.

These video filters are so easy to use that even beginners can take advantage of them. More experienced videographers can download these effects to extend their personal collection and have more LUTs to choose from when they need to give their videos a creative touch.

Best Cinematic LUTs

  • 20 Premium Cinematic LUTs
  • Full support for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, etc.
  • .CUBE file format
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use

Cinematic LUT pack

You can use these Cinematic LUTs while editing videos recorded indoors and outdoors, both in natural and artificial lighting. They are equally helpful when it comes to editing wedding, event, landscape, sports and other types of videos, so you have more flexibility, using this collection.

Reflection LUT makes footage brighter and cleaner. It emphasizes the warm tones and muted blues.

Style LUT emphasizes the atmosphere of the place as much as possible so that the person who watches the movie can literarily immerse in it.

Saturation LUT is one of the best cinematic LUTs that makes the movie vibrant and soft. It is great for videos recorded outdoors.

Foliage LUT makes the scene soft and warm while retaining the original colors. It is suitable for scenes with people posing outdoors when there are many green elements.

Tint Water LUT boost contrast and sharpness in your videos. It eliminates blue shades, replacing them with warm and bright ones. It will make the footage rich and bright.

Vintage LUT is another filter in our cinematic LUT pack that suits a wide range of video types. This effect will make your footage retro-like and atmospheric!

Crema LUT perfectly works with summer movies. It enhances the color, doing real magic to your footage.

Deep Color LUT comes in handy if you want to emphasize warm tones and increases contrast. It gives a stylish tint to your movies.

Diffused Cinematic LUT will remove a lot of unnecessary tints and make the colors cleaner, add brightness and pleasant glow to whites.

Twilight LUT will help you emphasize the real emotions and atmosphere of the movie, letting viewers feel the captured moment. It makes the videos more catchy, adjusting the shadows and highlights.

Foggy LUT works perfectly for footage of the woods and mountains taken early in the morning, or for any other videos you want to give that mystic mood.

Matte LUT will add a gentle look to videos, making them bright and vibrant, saving the feeling of comfort and calmness.